Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Have you ever visited an old home and noticed a different smell? That probably happened even though the house was pretty clean, right? That’s normal and it might be happening to your home without you even noticing it.

Over time dust and grime accumulate in small crevices and areas or parts of the house that are easy to forget. Despite cleaning and dusting every week you rarely remember them and when you do they’re so dirty, normal cleaning just won’t do the trick. If you wish to keep a healthy environment, then you might need deep cleaning services.

Many cleaning tasks aren’t done every week, but will eventually have to be taken care of. Cleaning your ceiling fan or basement might be something you only think about once a year. We assure you they need to be cleaned more often for your family’s health and comfortability.

Of course cleaning them yourself will be a massive chore. Not only do you need special products, you often need special equipment as well. What do you think of leaving it to the pros and just relaxing while we clean for you!

Our deep cleaning services guarantee a fully cleaned home. Don’t worry about grime or dirt that usually won’t come off. We’ll deal with it and make sure your house looks and smells good as new. Some deep cleaning services include:

– Cleaning showers, sinks and bathtubs
– Dusting lampshades
– Cleaning any glass surfaces
– Vacuuming tops of drapes and windows
– Cleaning appliances
– Cleaning walls and other surfaces with handprints
– Wiping doorknobs
– And many more…

Is it about time your home got a makeover to look like it did in its prime? We’re here for your every cleaning need.

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